Trinity Lutheran Church was founded on July 18, 1857 on the same site the church currently resides.  The current building was built in 1897 for a cost of $2,600 and an addition to the rear was conceived and started in 1948 that was completed on October 11, 1953.  The fellowship hall was built in 1957 in time for Trinity's 100th year anniversary.


We are a confessional church meaning we follow the confessional documents in the Book of Concord.  But this does not mean we put these documents above Scripture, rather we view that Scripture upholds the confessional documents.  These writings are not meant to increase faith or offer a substitute or re-wording to the Gospel rather they are designed to keep the Church accountable to the Scriptures.  Some might ask why are these documents needed and isn't the Bible enough?  The short answer is they are not necessary as the Bible is sufficient for us as believers.  The Book of Concord simply unpacks some theological approaches to Scripture and among other doctrinal issues, lays out definitions of what sacraments are and how do we view them.

Sacraments are a gift from Christ and have two aspects: the first is there are physical and tangible elements and the second is upon consecration (or an invitation) Christ is present in the elements.  With this in mind, Lutherans believe in two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion.  These are two gifts Christ participated in and gave to His Church as a means of grace or in effect, the "visible" Word.

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